Tebiro a beautiful natural beach

Tebiro is known as one of the most beautiful and natural beach on Amami-Oshima island. Located on the North-East side it receives plenty of Pacific Ocean swells and thus, is very popular with surfers.

However the appeal of Tebiro beach is universal. Its beautiful beach bordered by high dunes and Adan trees make it a favorite for all nature lovers and visitors alike, including sea turtles and hermit crabs.

Today Tebiro beach is in grave danger of seeing another destructive construction project which aims to replace the dune and Adan trees (Pandanus species) with concrete blocks that would extend half way down the beach at low tide.

If this were to happen, in the abscence of sand binding Adan plants, the sand would disappear and make the area extremely dangerous as the waves would come crashing on the concrete structures during storm surges or even average size swells.

Magnificent morning lights at Tebiro Beach


Tebiro beach with its dune and Adan forest


The path from the parking lot


Adan trees shielding the parking lot from wind and sand blast


Cool little bamboo shelter below the dune


Thick Adan (Pandanus) bushes and tall dune


Beautiful reef shapes at low tide


Walking on the beach at dusk

walking on the beach at dusk

Plenty of space even at mid high tide

mid high tide beach walk

Beach perspective from Barefoot restaurant

beach view from barefoot

The thick bioshield made of Adan plants (Pandanus species) is visible behind the parking lot. This would be cut down and covered with concrete should the project allowed to go foward.

Adan bush and parking lot

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